Because we custom design everything, we work with your budget and style preferences to create something new and unique every time. That being said, here are some general price points:

  • For delivery, we start at $35. This is a small arrangement. Great for a bedside table, small coffee table, or desk.
  • Our medium arrangements start at $60. This is great for an average sized dining table or coffee table. It also fits nicely on a desk at work. $75 is where our dozen rose arrangements start.
  • Our large arrangements start at $75 and go up from there. This size is great as a large table centerpiece. It’s still appropriate to send to an office (not too large that it will take over the desk). Dozen rose arrangements also start at $75.
  • As far as designing something really impressive, the sky is the limit! We have designed very expensive arrangements, but our $50 arrangements are also designed to make a statement no matter what the occasion. Whatever your budget, we will create something beautiful for you.