Whether you have a generous or limited budget, we can enhance your event decor with flowers. Here is some inspiration.

Go big or go home.

For some events, it’s important to pull out all the stops. A simple color palette is what ensures that these bold arrangements are luxurious and elegant.

Keep it simple.

Petals or a single flower floating in water a glass container that reflects the glow of candlelight sets an enchanting tone without breaking your budget.

A coaster, a flower (or blossom) and some tea lights are sometimes all that are needed to add a finishing touch to table settings.

Creative Clusters.

Clusters of flowers around candles, lanterns, or a focus of your choice…need we say more?

Petals can be perfectly pleasing….

Never underestimate the power of petals. Strategically placed, they can create simple centerpieces or beautify displays on wedding cakes.